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We have never met anyone who bought a boat with less than the max rated horsepower who didn’t shop motors within the same season. Four stroke outboards are here to stay, they are quiet, use less fuel, are more environment friendly, and can last for thousands of hours.

Our choice is Suzuki or Yamaha, they maintain a “Maytag” reputation and provide blistering performance. Let us re-rig your next outboard.

Hydraulic Jack Plates provide added performance and shallow running capabilities by allowing the engine to be offset of the transom and raised so the propeller and skeg won't hit the bottom. We carry Bob's Jack Plates, T&H Atlas, Sea Star, and Power Tran. Hydraulic or Electro Mechanical units to fit any application.

Steering systems are vital to any vessel. We sell and install both hydraulic and cable systems by Teleflex and Uflex. Both systems are high quality, reliable and maintenance free.

Jack Plates and outboard motors​​OUTBOARDS AND JACK PLATES IN TAMPA, FL